Famous Sayings: #99 — ‘Conspiracy Theory’

January 28, 2018

Is he going on about his latest conspiracy theory?

conspiracy theory, famous sayings, suspicion, FBI, CIA, secret
Can you tell which conspiracy theory is which?

This post was weeks in the making. While I initially planned to do this earlier this month, I failed to respect how much research I needed to do in order to address this topic, but I’m glad I worked on this.

Now, many of us have heard the term “conspiracy theory,” especially lately. Perhaps that’s a side effect of the Internet, because we are all connected in this way and information travels fast (depending on your internet service provider). Yet there are currently a few conspiracy theories that don’t need the Internet to travel around.

Before we can get to that, we have to take a look at what a conspiracy theory is and how it came to be. Are you ready to see how far this rabbit hole goes?

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