What Is He Doing? Trump’s Agenda and Our Despair

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Donald Trump was at the CPAC in 2011. Seven years later, he’s our president. Yuck. (Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr. Some rights reserved.)

This week, news about Friday Donald Trump’s comments about certain countries made the rounds. He referred to Haiti, and African nations as “Sh*thole countries.” Now I was planning on talking about this is a News Roundup, but I felt it needed to be part of a larger discussion about Trump’s agenda.

That is what we should be focusing on: the far right-wing agenda. While the criticism is of what Trump just said is of course justified and it is proof of his prejudicial attitudes, those are just words. What is worse than what Trump says is what he does.

How Am I Going to Do This Series?

Instead of doing this like the Rift on the Left series, I felt I’d do this differently. The Democratic series was my version of a Democratic autopsy, but the first votes in the mid-term elections have yet to be cast.

Since I don’t even want to help the Republican Party anyway, I’m going to rail against the party’s agenda and rhetoric (I despise those things). Thus, this series will largely be written with Trump’s policies in mind. I’m also going to heavily complain about him (and Mike Pence).

Here’s how the series will be laid out (these are the titles I will be using):

  • What Is He Doing? Trump’s Agenda and Our Despair (An Overview)
  • All the Wrong Reasons: A President with No Real Ideology
  • Do We Have a Repairman? There’s a Broken Cabinet.
  • Disorder in the Court! You Need to Keep an Eye on Trump’s Judge Picks.
  • Law and Order? What Law and Order? We Have a Police State.
  • Trump’s Horrible Immigration Policies
  • This Awful Tax Plan: Stealing from the Poor to Give to the Rich
  • Corporate Nation: Who’s Getting the Raw Deal in the U.S?
  • Trump’s Foreign Policy: A Neocon’s Wet Dream
  • Will There Be a Republican Apocalypse?
  • Why So Sensitive? Plug Your Ears All You Want, Snowflakes …
  • Can We Blame Trump? Honestly Guys, He Is but a Symptom.
  • Who Paid for This? A List of Large Republican Donors
  • Honest Question: Can You Tell Me What the #Resistance Is About?
  • What Is He Doing? Trump’s Agenda and Our Despair (An Afterword)

I decided to make titles these super harsh because … damn.

Why Am I Doing This Now?

See, I told y’all I was going to complain about the Republican Party in depth after I complained about the Democratic Party in depth. I just didn’t know when or how.

At one point, I was going to wait until after the midterms, but that would be too late and we don’t know how those will turn out. Yes, the Democrats have a momentum advantage and 38 Republicans have resigned since Trump Took Office. There are still no guarantees.

In any event, I wanted to start on this as soon as possible. For those who want to help Democrats, it would help to talk more about how destructive the GOP’s agenda is. And I would like to help inform them.

There is another reason why I’m making this post today. This afternoon, I decided to respond to the stupidest comment I ever received on this blog. This poster didn’t ever care to read the commenting policy before spewing his hateful, bigoted BS on my blog. After that I thought, “Screw it, let’s do this now.”

A Note to Republican and Conservative Voters

This might offend conservatives, but so be it. This is my blog and I have a right to express my frustration with American politics. There are multiple facets to this and I just got done talking about “my own tribe,” so this is fair game.

Now, I will not be taking aim at the voters in general but I will take a few jabs at Trump’s biggest fans in the series, as well as an attitude that persists (towards liberals and conservatives and anything that contradicts certain narratives). Much of my ire is reserved for those in power because they are the ones hurting people the most.

Read at your own risk but don’t complain to me if you don’t like it. You are still free to disagree if you do so respectfully.

A Note About My Scheduling

Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t do a Famous Sayings post on Friday. Well, I decided to move those posts back to Sundays until further notice. There will be a post tomorrow and I will have to post an extra one sometime to get back on schedule.

That means that my News Roundups mostly on Saturdays.

A Note About My Commenting Policy

I guess I will need to do this from now on (at least for political posts or anything that might elicit strong emotional responses):

Please take a look at my commenting policy. Also take note that my first rule is to respond respectfully. I might have responded to that awful comment today, but don’t think you can get away with that crap.

If you don’t like what I write, you don’t have to read it, much less comment on it. But if you disagree, you are allowed to say so as long as you do so respectfully.

Put some thought in your responses. That’s all I ask.

I’m sick of being nice to buttheads.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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