SaM Blog Update (January 7, 2018)

blog update, News Roundup, famous sayings, January, 2018

It’s still Sunday where I am and I have gone months without posting a proper News Roundup. I wanted to rectify that somewhat, but not tonight, unfortunately. So this blog update will be used to share my plans for this month (and the next).

In 2016, I created two featured posts for this blog: Famous Sayings and the weekly News Roundup. The former was (and still is) relatively easy to do and the latter took a lot of work. Somehow, I was able to keep up. I regularly put out those two posts each week. Then, it got much harder, especially after I decided to move around my featured posts.

At first, it made sense to move around the posts. In order to look back at a full week, it made sense to start on a Sunday and Fridays were a good place to put a post looking at famous sayings. Yet that somehow made things harder.

Why Have I Been Lagging?

For some reason, it was much easier to do the News Roundup on a Saturday. And it was still easy to do the Famous Sayings posts on Sundays, even after doing the News Roundups.

When I think about it, there may be 5 reasons for that:

  1. NFL Football. When I started doing the News Roundups, it was doing the NFL season, but for some reason, that wasn’t a problem. Last year, it was because when the games are on and I don’t have to be anywhere else, my focus is shot.
  2. My Procrastination. When I pushed the post to Sundays, that triggered my laziness and internal excuse-making.
  3. My Tendency to Overdo Things. I started to do a lot more research than I’ve ever done, but I end up doing too much in this department. This is a problem I’m having with other posts.
  4. Needing a Change of Pace. For some reason, the Famous Sayings posts seem new to me every time. It might be because less research is needed, generally speaking.
  5. Time Management. The other problems feed into this one, especially when I become distracted.

For the time being, I need to make things easier for myself by doing fewer stories for the News Roundup. At the very least, I should work on a few stories during the week to give myself less to do by the end of it.

What’s In This Update?

With the above in mind, I am considering moving the posts back. If I do that, it won’t be this month, do.

In the meantime is what I have planned where News Roundups are concerned:

  • News I Missed
  • News Roundup Special: The Republican Tax Plan
  • North Korea Update
  • Sexual Harassment Is a Huge Problem in the Media
  • Some Notes on Trump’s Asia Trip

Let’s see how I do with this.

Oh, and this is the 400th post I’ve made on this blog.

Also, January 7 if David Yost’s birthday (for you MMPR fans out there).

blog update, News Roundup, famous sayings, January, 2018


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