Democratic Candidates for 2018 and Beyond

Democratic candidates, 2018, beyond
Not all Democrats candidates for 2018 and later are shown here, but I plan on discussing all in this photo. Some of the Democrats in the image will be challenging incumbent Republicans, but some are newcomers challenging incumbent Democrats.

Before I wrap up The Rift on the Left series and talk about this horrible tax bill that was just passed by Congress, I wanted to first talk about Democratic candidates for 2018 and beyond. To be perfectly honest, I am still ambivalent about the Democratic Party, but a number of the grassroots candidates running next year are pretty exciting.

There may be a progressive wave coming, as signaled by the elections in the latter half of 2017. November 7, 2017 was a watershed moment, as Democrats and some third-party candidates took seats that had been held by Republicans and other entrenched politicians. And the developments in Alabama may have changed the entire landscape.

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