Famous Sayings: #89 — ‘Hope Springs Eternal’

November 24, 2017

Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest …

hope springs eternal, Alexander Pope, Syria, Yemen, net neutrality, An Essay on Man, Neoclassical period
Alexander Pope was England’s first full-time professional writer. When he wrote “Hope springs eternal,” he was expressing the people were part of a greater plan. This image was cropped from a portrait displayed by the National Portrait Gallery (Creative Commons License 3.0).

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope those who celebrated it enjoyed their day.

The month of November is also coming to a close, so we’re drawing ever closer to more holidays, include the New Year. There are certainly hopes that 2018 will be nicer to us than 2017 was.

So yes, hope springs eternal.

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