I May Have Solved One Computer Problem (More Remain)

computer problem
My computer still sucks, but I might have more time with it than I thought.

Well, it looks like I may have solved one computer problem, although there is still room to worry.

I May Have Solved the Windows Problem.

Today, I started up my computer, only to see that my desktop was black with this message:

Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine

However, everything else started working normally.

  • My program icons were still on the page.
  • I still could access Windows Explorer.
  • I could still open up my browsers.
  • I could still access other programs and do an antivirus scan.

Luckily, someone helped me and brought me to this TechFever page: How to fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error – Fix “This copy of Windows is not genuine” Problem. I followed the first five steps and after restarting my computer, the message was gone. I might be good for a while on that front.

I still cannot activate Microsoft Office, though. However, it looks like I can still use it (for now).

There May Be an Answer for Another Computer Problem — Yet No Solution.

Additionally, the same person who helped me with the operating system problem alerted me to a factor that may be contributing to my overheating problems.

Yesterday, my computer had to shut down at least three times due to overheating although I didn’t have but 1-3 programs open. (The biggest program was the browser, yet the other programs were small.) That just didn’t make much sense beyond Google Docs not being optimized, although I experienced the same problem after closing the wing with Google Docs. The problem subsided after I restarted my computer.


It is possible that some websites are using my computer to mine coins. In this case, coins are cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. That takes up a lot of power, and many websites and apps do this without consent. Many users are unaware of what is happening and for the most part, we don’t know which websites are doing it.

We Really Needs Some New Internet Rules.

The above issue reminds me of what I wrote about 7 months ago.

Let’s Review.

In April, I put down a list of six new internet rules I would like to see implemented. The list was not complete, of course, because much more would need to be done.

Anyway, here were the rules:

  1. The Internet, like phone and cable service, should be recognized as a utility. Therefore, any company that provides phone, internet, and cable services should be designated “common carriers” and be subject to FCC rules. Basically, I would restore this Obama-era rule.
  2. As a company is designated a common carrier, it would be barred from selling off user information UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. There would be no exceptions. Any company in violation of that rule would pay a steep fine.
  3. Common carriers would have to be more transparent with customers about the type of information they share and the companies have to justify why they are sharing that information. Furthermore, they would be barred from sharing certain information, like Social Security Numbers, identities, and browser histories, unless the customer is part of a governmental investigation and in accordance with due process.
  4. Common carriers would have to provide thorough and complete privacy policies, along with a Cliff’s Notes version.
  5. For the heck of it, I would limit the number of ads a website could feature on any given page and limit the amount of broadband each ad can take up. (This would have to be an international law in order to be more effective, but American companies with websites would have to comply with a domestic law.)
  6. I would also require websites to forgo graphics and machine acceleration if 40% of computers still in use are not equipped for their flash engines.

I Have More to Add.

And now, I would like to add a seventh rule:

  1. Websites should be barred from mining cryptocurrency through users’ computers, tablets, phones, or other Internet-connected devices without their knowledge. Websites and apps must be upfront about their processes and allow all users to opt in or out of such a program.

Man, it would be fun to work with other people on an Internet users’ Bill of Rights. There is so much to think about and there needs to be a greater level of cooperation and collaboration.

That’s It for Now.

Since I might have a little more time with this computer, I might be able to finish a few of the ongoing series on this blog. It will take some doing and I am behind, but let’s see where this goes. In the meantime, I still need to look for ways to be more efficient.

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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