News Roundup Special: Hollywood Has a Scumbag Problem

scumbag, Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, George H.W. Bush, Rose McGowan

Harvey Weinstein is a scumbag. Weinstein held himself up as a champion of women and liberal causes but it turns out he was no better than other men who abused their power.

The past 1-2 years, we heard of stories involving Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, and the late Roger Ailes. Cosby was accused of assaulting over 30 women. O’Reilly settled with women for sexually harassing them and he was accused of physically abusing his ex-wife. Ailes, who himself had sexually harassed female, employees, was partly responsible for creating the type of environment at Fox News that allowed O’Reilly to flourish as a harasser.

But Weinstein’s story sounds worse than all three.

The scandal involving Weinstein, the co-founder of Weinstein Company and the part owner of Miramax, once again reminds us of how prevalent sexual harassment and sexual assault are in our society. We are also reminded that both these problems are allowed to persist in Hollywood, the film industry at large, related media industries, and beyond.

This leads to a greater discussion about abuse of power and the amount of shame held by those who are subject to this abuse. The victims include women and men.

In addition:

The news about Weinstein came on the heels of news that Joss Wheden was a serial philanderer. The former’s story is thus made even worse in part because he used feminism as cover.

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