Famous Sayings: #75 — ‘Flying by the Seat of Your Pants’

August 24, 2017

I can tell you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

flying by the seat of your pants, airplanes, plane, famous sayings, Douglass Corrigan
Douglass “Wrong Way” Corrigan might not have been “flying by the seat of his pants” when he flew from Brooklyn, NY to Dublin, Ireland in 1938. Cropped image from SDASM Archives (San Diego Air and Space Museum) via Flickr.

Note: Okay. I missed one installment of my Famous Sayings last week because of the move. In order to make up, I’d thought I’d give my readers a twofer.

This is a Thursday installment and there will be one tomorrow.

I chose this saying today because I made a sudden change to the schedule and chose a different saying than the one I had originally chosen for the previous week. Is this an example of my flying by the seat of my pants? Not exactly, although there might be more examples with this blog.

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