My Computer Is a Piece of Crap

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My computer (it’s not the one in the picture) really sucks right now.

I am thisclose to taking a sledgehammer to my computer.

Today, I tried to run a backup on the stupid thing, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Twice, this stupid mix of plastic, metal, and silicone shut itself down due to overheating. Both times, the backup stopped itself, forcing me to try again.

After the third or fourth failed attempt, I lost my temper and threw my external hard drive across the room. (It’s a small, portable one. I guess it still works, but it sucks, too.)

Not only was this backup taking 5ever to get 60% done, but my stinkin’ computer now acts like it can’t do more than one stinkin’ task before it overheats.

I really hate this thing and there’s so much I want and need to do online.

I really need a new one, so bad. (But I can’t afford one right now.)


By the way, Firefox still sucks for me, as well.


2 thoughts on “My Computer Is a Piece of Crap

  1. Howdy Shmaltz!

    I feel your pain! Ma Femme is having very similar issues with her computer. We got me a new one when I moved to China last year. But, we spend so much time online that a well functioning computer is as important as a refrigerator or a car. And, as a busy part-time blogger, it is even more important.

    You should explore using cloud options for backing up you material. It is more reliable than portable external hard drives. You can use google’s drive or Microsoft’s Outlook whatever they call it. I’ve used both. They both work well.

    It sounds like maybe your fan is out or you could get an external fan to help cool it. Have you taken it to anyone for possible repair?

    Anywho. I hope you get it resolved. It’s no fun.



    1. Hi there, Jack.

      The good news is I was able to finally back up my computer. It took so long because the laptop is old and it had been so long since I had backed up my files.

      Thanks for the tips. I also back up some files with a cloud service, but not all. Also, I need to have a consistent connection to the Internet. I just moved, so it took me a few days to be reconnected (sorry for the late response).

      For the future, I am looking at solid state drives. I heard they can hold much more information and they’re more reliable than external drives. They could be corrupted, though. (All forms of backup have drawbacks, but you have to do what you have to do.)

      My computer has a few problems. I last got it fixed a couple of years ago. The hard drive was trashed, so I had to replace it. Then, my OS was downgraded. (I still miss some of the programs that came with this computer. 😥 )

      In the meantime, I have a whole lot of research to do. I also need to catch up on reading other blogs.

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