The Internet Day of Action is July 12, 2017

internet day of action, net neutrality

I wanted to talk about this sooner, but July 12, 2017 is the Internet Day of action. That day, various websites and Internet companies, like Amazon, Google and Netflix, will be joining in to get more people involved in the fight for net neutrality.

We have until August 18, 2017 to submit comments to the FCC before it votes on the issue of net neutrality. We know where FCC Republican commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly stand. Democrat Mignon Clyburn is outnumbered, although she might be joined by Jessica Rosenworcel and a Republican of Trump’s choice.

From May 24-45, 2017, Ipsos conducted a poll of over 1,000 Americans adults (354 Democrats, 344 Republicans, and 224 Independents) in all 50 states for Mozilla. The poll concerned net neutrality and the results showed that most adults (76%) are in favor of net neutrality.

Either-one percent of Democrats and73% of Republicans indicated there were in favor of it. Most adults (78%) saw a free and open Internet as a right, which Democrats leading the way with 88% in agreement.

Furthermore, most respondents indicated a mistrust of the Trump administration (70%), Congress (78%), and the FCC (58%) to protect net neutrality.

“Get ready to hear a lot about net neutrality if you use Amazon, Google, Netflix or hundreds of other websites.” 11 July 2017. Web.

This is a quick post, so I will just leave these links here. Please take part because net neutrality is not only important for free speech, but businesses, the sharing of knowledge, and our democracy could be threatened without it.