Are You Still Following News of the Russia Probe?

Russia probe, Donald Trump, James Comey
Did this guy somehow collude with Russia? I don’t know, but something’s off …

On April 24, I started a two-post series in which I discussed my overall view of the Russia probe that is currently dominating headlines in the United States. While I said I felt that the probe was a distraction (in terms of its focus), I felt there needed to be an investigation in order to finish vetting Donald Trump and some of his cohorts.

Now, while I might disagree with this probe’s focus, it has turned up some interesting events I could not ignore or refrain from sharing. Also, there have been some recent developments in regards to how this entire probe and suspicions are being reported.

That said, let’s discuss what this probe is about and how I plan to cover it.

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Famous Sayings: #68 — ‘Stubborn As a Mule’

July 1, 2017

That man is as stubborn as a mule.


Sorry for being a day late, but I’ve been pretty slow lately. I have another post due today, but that should be much easier to do since I’m re-purposing old information.

On topic:

I planned on during this post weeks ago but I decided to space it out since I settled on doing a somewhat related topic, “Strong as an Ox,” a few weeks ago. Like that other saying, this saying was difficult to research — in terms of finding the origin — but the research for this topic was somewhat more enjoyable.

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