SaM Blog Update (April 30, 2017)

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Hey, everyone. I needed to give another update.

Why Did I Need to Give You an Update?

Normally, I would post a News Roundup on Sunday, but I needed a bit of a rest today. I’ve been quite busy with professional writing assignments and posting around on other sites, but there is some important news I wanted to discuss.

What Do I Plan to Do?

In particular, residents of the United States should be interested in what is going on with the FCC. I have a post planned, but I need to do some extensive research on that to properly inform everyone and to discuss the continued assault on net neutrality.

There are other stories I want to discuss next month, so here is a list of topics I have been working on:

  • Net Neutrality and More
  • Russia in the Crosshairs: Are We Sure We Want to Do This?
  • My Thoughts on Obama’s Planned Fall Speech
  • What Does It Mean to Be Conservative?
  • What Does It Mean to Be Liberal?
  • Why Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Disaster and a Betrayal
  • The Call for a Better Health Plan
  • We Need to Address the Rift on the Left
  • Angry Voters (one post each for Democrats and Republicans)
  • How the Trumps Are Profiting from the White House
  • What Do I Think About Ivanka Trump?
  • An Overview of Republican Bills in 2017
  • What’s Going on in Venezuela?
  • The World’s Water Crisis

I plan to do the posts in bold this week. In fact, I need to discuss the Internet topic as soon as possible. The second post is a continuation of this one. The third topic is recent and it concerns an urgent message I have for Democrats.


I’m putting this up here because it will hold me accountable to you, my readers.

My apologies for not doing the News Roundup this week, but I will try to find a way to address important news items I have been meaning to discuss eventually.


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