Health and Internet News I Missed (April 25, 2017)

News I Missed, Health and Internet News

Hello, Readers! As promised, here is the Health and Internet news I missed this week.

In Health News …

This past week’s health news deals with sugars.

Is Juice Really Good for Us?

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In an article on Quartz’s website, Sarah Todd related the recent fallout of the company Juicero to remind readers of a simple fact: Juice is not as healthy as advertised.

Juicero, based in the Silicon Valley (in San Francisco, to be exact), is offering refunds to customers who are unsatisfied with the product. It remains to be seen how many will take advantage of it. But many individuals had to pay $400 (businesses had to be $1,200) for a machine to squeeze juice out of a packet; Bloomberg reporters found that one could do the same thing by hand.

Anyway, as Todd pointed out, juice is being treated as a status symbol, with little regard for how healthy it actually is. While it is better than having no produce at all, juice has less fiber than whole fruits, even if squeezed directly from the fruit.

Also, fruit juices often have extra sugars added to them. And they may have concentrate added back to give it flavor.

In the case of apple juice, people are missing out in antioxidants found in the skin of the actual fruit.

Orange juice may have color added to it.

Additionally, the extreme consumption of fruit juices may contribute to the development of Type-2 diabetes.

How Much Sugar Is Endangering America’s Children?

Robert Lustig reveals that children are developing two diseases normally seen in alcoholics: fatty liver disease and Type-2 diabetes. It makes sense because alcohol is made by fermenting sugar.

Lustig is a professor of pediatric endocrinology at the University of California at San Francisco. He argues American’s health started to take a turn for the worse since the 1970’s and 1980’s, when there was less sugar in our food. He predicts American health endangers Medicare and Social Security.

Lustig’s wrote at least two books on the subject, The Hacking of the American Mind and Fat Chance.

In Internet News …

This week, I wanted to share a couple of stories connected to YouTube.

I Have More Information about the YouTube Ad Crisis.

Apparently, the YouTube ad crisis really exploded in March, but many of the smaller YouTubers er

David Pakman

In this April 6 video, David Pakman talked about his YouTube channel’s lost revenue since the end of March. In the first 3 days of April, his revenue dropped down to $6 a day from advertisements. On April 4, his revenue dipped to $0.34.

This is a crisis because many channels owned by “progressives” are being shut out. They are being blacklisted, based on what David Pakman discovered. One advertiser who specifically places ads on his program said her impressions dropped and ads were still being shown on some other channels with no change.

Pakman points out that his show is relatively clean and his show is breaking records in views. He said his show meets the FCC standards for non-commercial program. Yet, some videos with non-controversial titles have been demonetized.

Glink’s Perspective

This is a March video where Glink talks about the YouTube advertiser boycott. He briefly gets into the motivations of advertisers but mainly addresses how the boycott can damage content creators. And for some reason, Keemstar didn’t want to address this issue at first …

In another video, Glink talks about the YouTube advertiser boycott by digging into the true motivations of advertisers. Several old media outlets have taken to sensationalizing their coverage of particular videos and trying their best to tie harmless videos to hate and terrorism.

One example was The Daily Mail’s article about a video where a man tested a knife-proof vest. The man was showing how the vest did not provide adequate protection, but the tabloid said the vest was similar to the one worn by a fallen PC (police officer) who did during London’s recent terror attack.

The charge is being led by the Wall Street Journal, which kicked off this current “war” by singling out PewDiePie and taking his admittedly tasteless jokes out of context. Since then, WSJ continued on with PewDiePie and started a furor that led to advertisers threatening YouTube.

Glink points out the WSJ has an internet paywall (It didn’t years ago). Basically, people have to pay them to be lied to. Glink also purchased a physical WSJ newspaper, which cost $3.00 and was easily the most expensive newspaper at the store he went to.

Anyway, I agree with Glink’s main point: This is a war between old media (A.K.A. mainstream media, plus tabloids like The Daily Fail and Kotaku, which was long been against gamers) and new media. More and more people are getting their information from newer media outlets because they cannot trust older, corporate outlets.

Business Insider

Over at Business Insider, Lara O’Reilly’s Mar. 22, 2017 article really brings some perspective on the entire crisis. She attended Advertising Week Europe and talked to a few ad execs.

Several of the ad executives admitted that it was feasibly impossible for YouTube to get rid of all ads on truly offensive channels. (About 400 hours of video is uploaded per hour on the video-sharing website.) Yet the study by the Wall Street Journal that put a spotlight on this weakness of YouTube’s algorithm presenting advertising agencies with an opportunity.

Google generally negotiates prices for ad space on videos and YouTube creators don’t have to do a thing. As it was, advertisers could have their client’s ads appear on videos based on the size of the audience and at a fraction of the cost.

Google dominates the digital advertising industry. Its dominance threatens the online news business. It threatens the TV business. And it threatens advertising-buying agencies who fear their clients could simply go to Google direct and cut out the middle-man. Google-bashing is quite common in the ad industry.

Additionally, ad agencies were dealing with a scandal of their own.

Another UK-based industry veteran said the escalation of public negative sentiment from the ad industry versus Google smacks of “opportunism”.

The advertising agency sector has been plagued with transparency issues in recent months. A high-profile report in the US published last summer alleged agencies unethically pad their profits through non-transparent practices such as rebate schemes and arbitrage. All the big agency groups denounced the findings. But nevertheless, the report, commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers, sparked a wave of media agency reviews, audits, and has fueled a conversation in the industry about mistrust between agencies and their clients.

Google’s current scandal may serve to take the heat off, for a little bit.

The DaddOFive Controversy Rages On …

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Last week, Philip DeFranco talked about the YouTube channel DaddyOFive. The channel had over 200 videos featuring rough pranks that targeted young children in the family. The video may be rough to view so I just linked to it.

The name of the video that finally brought Heather and Mike Martin under fire was entitled “INVISIBLE INK PRANK! (EPID FREAKOUT).” It was posted on Wednesday, Apr. 12 but it took a few days for Mike and Heather Martin to be called out for that prank. It was eventually taken down by YouTube for violating the terms of service.

The video had over 400,000 views before it was taken down. Viewers began questioning whether the videos (and parents) were abusive and harmful to the children.

The family later made another video addressing the controversy. The parents and their children said the pranks were fake and ultimately blamed the audience for making a big deal out of everything. Even more, the Martins said people were “tearing their family apart.”

Child Protective Services in Montgomery County was contacted, but the agency said it had not seen the videos as of Wednesday, April 19th.

This is a developing story about a cycle of ongoing abuse involving the father and his children. Many other channels caught on to this news and covered this topic.


In one video, Daniel Sulzbach (A.K.A. MrRepzion) briefly talked about the situation involving the family shown on the channel and related his own history of abuse. I learned more about the situation

In particular, the youngest son Cody was singled out for abuse in many of the videos on the DaddyOFive channel. He is often yelled at by the parents and hit but the older kids in the house, especially the oldest boy.

It turns out Cody and Emma are the father’s children and the mother in the videos are those kids’ stepmother. Their real mother recently gave an interview to talk about her situation and how she lost custody of her children.

Sulzbach put up a link to the video with the interview (audio) as well as links for a petition and a GoFundMe page. The petition is meant to help the mother gain back custody of her children and the GoFundMe page is meant to raise funds for a lawyer.

Chambers of My Heart Interview

Chambers of My Heart interviewed the mother of Cody and Emma, who are seen on the videos on the DaddyOFive YouTube channel. The mother’s sister was also part of the interview and did much of the talking at first.

Losing Custody of Cody

The mother said she contact the kids’ father, Mike Martin, 3 the years ago to send Cody to stay with his dad for the summer. The mother said Cody had ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

The mother said one night, she was presented with papers to sign away custody of Cody for only six months. She left those papers behind and those were forged in order to give Mike and Heather Martin (Mike’s wife; A.K.A. MommyOFive) permanent custody of Cody. She later lost custody of Emma, as well.

Losing Custody of Emma

Nearly 1 ½-2 years later, around Thanksgiving, Heather came back for Emma. The police eventually took her away and the mother lost custody.

The mother said she was stalked by two of Mike’s friends and tried to run her off the road once. She was also harrassed by Mike and his wife, Heather.

The family court will not move the case out of the county.

The mother said she was “railroaded.” She did not represent herself at first. When she did hire a lawyer, Mike get him thrown off the case by arguing it was a conflict of interest; the judge complied.

The mother also said Mike and Heather called all the lawyers in her area so they would not take her case.

Finding out About the Videos

In August (2016?) the two women (the mother and her sister) found out about the DaddyOFive videos. The women showed the videos to authorities in their state (North Carolina), who admitted they were wrong. However, in Maryland, the state where the children now live, the abuse the kids are facing can be considered corporal punishment.

The mother and her sister tried to contact various news outlets in Baltimore, MD, where Mike, Heather, and the kids were. The outlets said they had no interest in the children.

Mike and Heather Martin’s Subsequent Responses

In a Tweet Mike said, “False accusations are killing my family.” Attached was a short video with Heather crying. You can hear the interview Cody and Emma’s mother did with Chamberof MyHeart.

In a video uploaded on the 19th, Mike and Heather Martin talk after doing an interview with DramaAlert’s Keemstar. Mike did much of the talking and near the end of the video, he blamed Philip DeFranco for the whole thing.

The title of the video is “Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations.”

In this video, the top story was the DaddyOFive family. Apparently, Heather and Mike Martin made another video after the one they made last week. I did not see it, but Philip Defranco shared a few clips of it.

Heather said the family seeing a family counselor. The way she said it made it seem like the family just started seeking counseling recently, but she already said the family was seeing a counselor when she and Mike were being interviewed by Keemstar.

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