An Open Challenge: Campaign Slogans (WAW)

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Today, I was going to publish a Black History Month post about Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, but right now, I feel the need to open up the discussion to politics. As such, I am issuing an open challenge to anyone who reads this (on or off WordPress) and whether you follow me or not.

Last night, I published a post about the DNC Chair Race and I ended that post with three controversial commentaries. I stand by my thoughts and realize not everyone will agree with them. But the topics I touched upon are inevitably touched about the rough 2016 Presidential Election.

A Look at Campaign Slogans

In the spirit of conversation, I would like people to share their thoughts on the campaign slogans of the three most talked about candidates last year: Former Secretary Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. (Or if you’re so inclined, you can include an old slogan from past elections that you really liked.) But I would like to have some thoughts on the 2016 slogans and how they relate to the candidates themselves.

I’ll help you out by listing the slogans from the 2016 election:

  • Hillary Clinton started with “I’m with Her,” and ended with “Stronger Together.”
  • Bernie Sanders had “A Future to Believe In.”
  • Donald Trump had “Make America Great Again.” (Bonus, you can also talk about the “Drain the Swamp” allegory.)

The Rules

To participate, I recommend that you make a post on your own blog (if you have one). I want you to share your thoughts with your followers and perhaps get them involved in the challenge.

If you want to take a look at these slogans, you can do one, some, or all, but you have to follow these guidelines:

  1. You have to address each slogan and candidate in at least 300-500 words.
  1. The post has to be positive. I will not accept posts denigrating the candidates, their slogans, their opponents, or any candidates’ parties/ supporters.
  1. Talk about what you think the slogan meant (to you).
  1. List the qualities of the candidate that made you excited about the candidate, if you preferred them.
  1. List the qualities of the candidate you think appealed to other voters, whether or not you preferred the candidate.
  1. Link back to this post.

Now, you can receive help in terms of research. Feel free to ask someone you know if you need a first-hand perspective on why certain candidates appealed to certain voters.

Alternatively, if you have already done a post like this, please send me the link.


One thought on “An Open Challenge: Campaign Slogans (WAW)

  1. Trying to respond to your challenge in a short amount of words is difficult, I will try. I only recall two of the slogans. I didn’t realize Bernie had the one you wrote. I thought his was “We have a movement.” It was exciting to see Bernie start off with a positive revolution to take down the top one percent., but I really don’t recall hearing the above slogan you mentioned. In regard to Trump he selected a catchy slogan and by wearing a red had and saying over and over Make America great again, much like the chorus of a pop song, it caught on.
    However, I still have hanging in my front bedroom my Hillary paraphernalia. I have my “Stronger Together” signs that I held up at her rallies and posted in y windows. I have on display my pink Hillary baseball cap along with the Hillary doll I bought my grand daughter to play with, all proudly displayed on my book shelf. But, Stronger Together is what I remember the most about the Hillary movement. I will never forget as long as I live being in a stadium filled with people of all colors, all genders, all ages, and feeling such positive energy. Sitting up front and so close to Mrs. Clinton and feeling that after waiting a lifetime through men who, some of whom got us into wars and economic crashes, that we would finally have an intelligent, experienced woman as our leader.

    The positive energy that radiated up from the crowd waiting to hear HRC speak was electric and life changing. Young and old, we felt passionate about positive changes ahead, and the crowd embraced one another. We were indeed stronger together. I looked at the sea of men and women and there were tears in everyone’s eyes. The woman behind me was in her late 80’s and using a walker. She was crying as she held up her stronger together sign shouting, “Finally, a woman!!! Hillary! Hillary!”. It meant so much to everyone in the room that we were going to work together to get rid of prejudice and help future generations. It was all peaceful and respectful. And Hillary in person was beautiful, positive, and brilliant, dressed in red her words were captivating!. I will never forget that day. I am not going to count the words. in this piece.. I am Just going to say seeing her in person was one the most amazing experiences of my life. I felt at 67 exactly like did in 1967 when I was 18. So hopeful! That we the people could change the world for the better. Yes I was with her. And I still am.

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