A Special Thank You to My Followers

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This is the start of an interesting composition idea … er, I mean relationship.

Last year, I started a series of posts in which I thanked my new followers. I haven’t kept up with that list, but I thought I’d do it now.

Since I last kept stock of new followers, I gained about quite a few more, to bring me closer to 100 (on WordPress alone). So, thanks to…

My Followers Before October 2016

Amanda: She runs The Road to There and co-runs The Bloggers Meetup with EricMWalk. Thanks to these two for doing such an awesome job with that site so far.

BlookUp: Le Blog BlookUp is a French blog that can be translated to English. The mission of BlookUp is to take the digital word and print it.

geneticsnewsblog: Nation Genetics has a few posts up looking at the effects of genetics on decision-making (for those in the U.K.)

Naynesh Pasari’s Blog:

CalicoJack: He runs The Psy of Life, where he often pairs politics with psychology (and profanity). I generally like his writing style.

New Followers in October 2016

Damyanti Biswas: At the Daily (w)rite, author Damyanti Biswas writes about the things that interest her (“Writing, Reading Travel, Philosophy, Compassion”). She also shares tips she has been given from the blogging community.

Suze: This wonderful lady owns Obsolete Childhood where she does a lot of “blathering and babbling,” but she has a very easy writing style that pulls readers into Suziland. She also wrote a guest post for me sometime in November. Please check out The Benefits of a New World Order, if you haven’t already.

Evelina: On the blog of the same name, Evelina shares thoughts and images of the cities she visits.

Dr P M Yeah, MBA, JD, PhD: This blogger runs Pick me, yeah! in tribute to the blogging practices she finds annoying, including the obsession with stats. She pulls no punches. (I promise, this post is not about stats.)

Nazish123blog: He runs Nazish- Thoughts, Music, & Literature. So far, he has left a few philosophical posts.

ALIYAH STOECKL: She runs a self-named blog and has a few post as of Oct. 2016.

New Followers in November 2016

diaryofawimpydaddy: He runs Diary of a Wimpy Dad… and it has ten “episodes” in which he explores the trials and tribulations of being a first-time parent.

mirrorandsoul: Mirror & Soul is run by a mother and a scientist who writes about her life experiences.

Ali Grimshaw: Ali Grimshaw runs flashlight batteries, which contains beautiful, if a bit melancholy poetry. The poems alternate between being put directly on the page and being placed on photography.

David Snape: He runs David Snape and Friends — The place to show off your hidden talents. He encourages readers to send him stories and things which will be posted on his blog. He also has his own Mixcloud show, where he shares more stories and posts from his followers.

xenoviking: He writes posts for BLIR Gaming, along with three others. The website has gaming reviews, for games on major consoles (Nintendo, Sony Playstation, and Xbox), as well as PC games.

blogofmeows: The Blog of Meows features cute photographs of cats.

Chineseforbeginnersblog: As the name suggests, Chinese for Beginners is a blog mostly dedicated to introducing people to basic concepts of the Chinese language. There are links to other sources for more learning.

thewannabecritic: The Wanna Be Film Critic is run by two writers who talk a look at the worldwide film industry. The blog features short, consumable posts

The Historical Diaries: As the name suggests, this website’s mission is to “to bring readers forgotten and overlooked history.”

Cristian Mihai: In this self-name blog, Christian Mihai features inspirational posts for his readers.

e-LearningCenter: This website is based on a company that serves corporations and individuals who need security certifications and advanced skills development.

ginsberg420: She runs 420 ways to reach the sun, a blog that features her poetry.

resterrestern: This blogger runs ALL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE POLITICS RESTER, which is dedicated to sharing important information about journalism and current events.

Marsman: He runs My Nerdy Comic Drawings, in which he shares his drawings of comic book characters, cartoon characters, and original characters. I love looking at other people’s art and leaving my thoughts on their posts when I can.

TurtlesLittleAdventures: This blog was started last year by a recent high-school graduate.

New Followers in December 2016

klkranesya: K.L. Kranes is a fiction author whose latest book is entitled The Travelers. She leaves excerpts from her writing in various posts.

Lesleykluchin: I just started to follow this lovely lady from Florida after seeing a number of responses and following all the way to her website. If she even reads one of your posts, she will likely leave excellent comments.

Eugenia: She runs BrewNSpew, a wonderful blog full of poetry. I followed her on the suggested of usfman. I love her poetry, especially the entry entitled, Don’t Fight Fire with Ire. It is true on so many levels.

SunkenThought: At A Sunken Thought, you will find random musings about politics, life, whatever. The person who runs the blog is another lady who doesn’t hold back and calls things like she sees them.

cassidytylerblog: Runs Curving Negativity. The blog only has a few posts, but I appreciated the entry entitled, Our Story.

Gleaning The Scriptures: At the blog of the same name, you will find posts devoted to the owner’s faith.

Nelson: He runs Fotografia, where he shares photographs he took (or found, in some cases) and adds context to them.

B. Ryatt: The saundne blog only has one post at the time of publishing.

Aristophanes’ Beetle: This person’s blog is called, Trust me, I’m a Psychiatrist. The last post from was published in late 2013.

Lynette: She runs Penelope’s Musings, where she lets it all hang out. I appreciate her honest and openness.

New Followers to Start Off 2017

simple Ula: She runs the blog of the same name. You will find positive posts dedicated to health, beauty, and life in general the tagline says it all. “I want to be rich. Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge. You?

Joe the Data Guy: He runs a website where he shares his knowledge of data science from his own experiences, including courses he took. I would like to know more, to be quite honest.

wordsofsirisrael: At Onuwabhagbe Israel, you will find poetry, honesty, and a little bit of humor. I liked the entry entitled, self love.

Max Meunier: A man with many interests, he runs Max Meunier – Dissociative Void. The website features his prose poetry.

discobarbizar: Discobar Bizar is a DJ collective with a blog that is written in two languages. So far, I have read two posts about DJ Willem Hurricane.

Belfast FoodMan: And finally, I gained the owner of Belfast Food Man’s Blog 4 days ago. I wonder what drew him to my blog, but I appreciate the follow.

Let’s Keep Going

I promise to be better with these updates as I gain more followers and meet more people from the blogging community. May (at 10 new followers, depending how this month goes). But once again, thank you to the other bloggers who gave me a follow.


As I usually do for my News Roundups, I will leave some links to social media here.

Thanks to all who have followed me there, too. And if you also have social media pages, I would like to check them out, as well.


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