My Course of Choice (Write Anything Wednesday)

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This might be one of my choices …

Today, I had something else planned, but I only have time for a quick post.

There were some prompts put up today for Write Anything Wednesday, and I liked the first one.

Here are the prompts:

  • If you could take a class in anything, what would it be and why?
  • Samuel’s horse spoke to him. After the week he had, he wasn’t surprised.
  • Your character has a get out of jail free card, how will he/she use it?

What Type of Course Would I Take and Why?

Let’s see … If I could take a class of my choice, I couldn’t just pick one easily. But there are four types of courses I would like to take (for 1-2 hours a week):

  • A painting course
  • A speech course
  • A debate course
  • A branding course

Each of these courses focuses on an area where I would like to improve.

I have painted before, but there is so much I would like to know about painting. I definitely need some instruction there.

Last year, I talked about how I wasn’t good with public speaking. Speech and debate courses would help me in this regard. They have similar aspects to them, but debate is more involved as it teaches participants how to think fast on their feet (in order to win an argument and to persuade.)

A branding course would help me tremendously because self-branding is one area where I still struggle. It’s one puzzle I haven’t been able to solve.

The course would also involve design. It helps to have instruction there in order to improve my skills.

Basically, I would have to choose from this list. I think I might choose the branding course since it is my greatest need and it would involve most of the skills I need to improve the most. I would get to draw regularly, get and give feedback, and talk regularly to my instructor and classmates.

Is there a course you would like to take? Why?


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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