Can I Guest Post?

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Today is a tough day, but I am continuing on with the Blogging: Branding and Growth course. For the ninth assignment, I had to reach out to one person to guest post on this blog.

Who Did I Ask to Guest Post?

So far, I have reach out to three bloggers.

Here are the three blogs I contacted:

I would love the chance to guest post on those blogs, too. In fact, I initially chose these blogs based on my ability to contribute in a meaningful way if asked. Also, these bloggers would be able to contribute some interesting entries on this blog if they wanted to.

Suze quickly gave an affirmative response. I’m just waiting for some more responses and figuring out the details.

Of course, I would like to reach out to more bloggers in order to expand my horizons. It would be great if they asked for posts in return, as well.

Would You Like to Write a Post for this Blog?

Contributors are welcome! If you would like to write a post for this blog, please leave a comment.

You may also ask me to write a post for you. We may have to work out the details but for now: I would like to give guest posters the option of choosing their topics.

If you would like to participate, you may even opt to take one of my schedule post topics, as long as it is original. You keep your voice and the text will be intact. I will only edit for spelling and grammar, if that’s alright. You could do the same for me.

Now, I have another post to do today. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the 2016 United States Presidential Election. What an awful election that was. Hold that thought …


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