Time to Say Hello to My Neighbors!

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For the seventh assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth Course, I had to go around WordPress and find websites I had never visited before and leave at comments on at least 3 posts. It’s never easy to say hello, but this was good since this lines up with the goals set forth in the first assignment. And along the way, I reconnected with a mutual follower.

Saying Hello to Flashlight Batteries

The one who runs flashlight batteries left a comment on SparkyJen’s post, Truth Moment Monday! I had left a comment on that post earlier, but checked it out again from the WordPress Reader since more bloggers left comments on post.

So and followed the link back to flashlight batteries and I left a comment on the post entitled, My flashlight is on. In that post, the author mentioned her submission to the Poetry Breakfast website. The poem was entitled, Procrastinator’s List.

Coming Across Ben Orlin’s Drawings

From the Discover feed, I came across a post entitled, Mathematical Alternatives to the Electoral College from Ben Orlin, who runs Math with Bad Drawings. I left two comments on that post. First, I replied to chridd’s comment. Then I left a direct comment for the content.

You should really check out the website. I love the hand-drawn “infographics” and humor.

Finding Emily Polar’s Blog

From Discover, I also came across a post from Emily Polar entitled, Powder Land. It consisted of a photostream that included shots from Annupuri resort in Niseko, Japan on route to Hokkaido, Japan.

As I said in a comment, the photographs were breathtaking. Many of the people in the photographs were snowboarding, so there were many beautiful shots of the snowy land in Japan.

Continuing On …

Of course, the assignment can never end if I keep going and keep reaching out to other members in the blogging community. But as outlined before, that is my intention. It’s great to find new blogs and perhaps make new connections.

2 thoughts on “Time to Say Hello to My Neighbors!

  1. i adore going to the neighbor’s places..especially when there is free food. or at least a tv to watch that has something besides soaps or football. soccer would be okay for a bit, but I really would like to watch ice hockey. I could wear an ice hockey shirt and pant set…..maybe not the skates though. I would have to substitute roller skates…ya know the kind with a key that always fall off your sneakers? yea, those. oh sorry, did you want your sofa back?


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