Extending My Brand on Social Media

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For the sixth assignment for Blogging: Branding and Growth, I had to consider linking this website to social media.

Now, I have already started to do this a few months back. In June, I created a new Twitter account. I also started another Tumblr Blog and set my posts to be linked on Google+.

How I’m Doing on Social Media Those Platforms

The Tumblr Account is the most successful. From a report I received, my impressions have increased by 188% from the previous week. I have gained a number of followers

While the Tumblr Blog may seem redundant, it has its uses. I can make posts for that account that I feel don’t really belong on this blog, but it will still be connected somewhat. Hopefully, I can reach bloggers who don’t really feel like going to WP. But it is hard to find followers there.

Google+ isn’t working out at all. My links do post there, but for some reason, they are set to private. And there is no way for me to change the setting.

What I Should Do Moving Forward

My Twitter account is a keeper, but I need to grow my list of followers. I can do better by having more tweets besides the linked ones. There was some good advice from this course’s resource page, it would help to read up on my advice from various sources.

I think I might keep the Tumblr, but I need to add to it. The lifeblood of Tumblr is the use of images and witty text (outside the fights over fictional pairings and gender politics), but there are users who avoid controversy. I should mix in images I couldn’t necessarily fit anywhere else, along with blog links and occasional text-based posts.

The Google+ strategy needs to be scrapped entirely. If I want to share links there, I need to do it directly.

What I Did Today to Expand on Social Media

I took this course mainly because I wanted to extend my brand on Facebook. After the long wait, my new Facebook page was finally created! You can find my page here: https://www.facebook.com/ShmaltzandMenudo/. The first few posts for the page were shares of the past five assignments in the Branding and Growth course.

If you’re on Facebook, I would sure appreciate some views (and follows). And if you have any FB pages, I would love to check them out. The same goes for other social media platforms.

Please stay tuned for my Featured Post …


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