Promoting My Archives

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For the fifth assignment in my Blogging: Branding and Growth course, I needed to consider some options to promote posts in my archive.

What Were My Options?

The options I had included:

  • Adding a “Related Posts” section at the bottom of each post.
  • Adding an archive widget to my sidebar or footer.
  • Adding a list of my best content on my sidebar or footer.
  • Adding a page that would feature a list of my best content.
  • Adding links to posts or existent pages, like my About pages.

As long-time readers can see, I have already done things to promote my archives in a number of posts, including in yesterday’s submission. Also, I have long included an archive widget on my sidebar or footer in order to make it easier for visitors to navigate this website and find particular posts. In fact, there are a few options to choose from, including a search bar and a calendar.

What Did I Do to Promote My Archives in Another Way?

in keeping with the exercise, I looked to find something on the list I could do. The last option I listed was the easiest to do and it would serve as an easy way for newer visitors to find the work if they didn’t know it existed.

First, I just added a line to the first paragraph of the About This Blog page:

The Sexism in Naruto posts took older content and greatly expanded on it.

Then, I went back and added a paragraph after my bullet points:

Be sure to check out my Featured Posts on Sundays, where I look at Famous Sayings. I also do my best to take part in Write Anything Wednesday each week and I might expand my week to include another type of Featured Post. Stay tuned …

That was all I needed to do for now. But if I create more posts that are popular with readers, I will go back to my About This Blog page and promote them. There is still the option of creating a new page to feature those posts.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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