Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

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The third assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth course called for me to look at my website’s compatibility with mobile devices. It turns out my website is mobile-friendly!

Of course, I already knew this. This site can be viewed with mobile devices and I saw that on my own. Also the Lovecraft theme’s preview site also boasted the theme’s mobile compatibility. But it was still important for me to take part in this exercise to be more acquainted with the Customize features.

My Website on Desktops

As I said in posts for my Intermediate Customization course, I chose the Lovecraft theme and played with the widgets until I got a look I wanted. The most important thing to me was the arrangement of widgets.

The sidebar has a lot of activity. So, the elements need to be arranged by a hierarchy. Everything that is included is important, but I have to balance what viewers might want to see with what I want them to see first.

I wanted my footer to have limited activity, but I included elements I thought were important for visitors, like the last 5 posts published and the latest comments. Now, the calendar might not be important in the scheme of things, but I like calendars and there might be visitors who like them, two. Also, it has an aesthetic quality to it and I found a way to balance it with other elements in the footer.

mobile-friendly, desktops, lovecraft, theme, footer

The View on Tablets and Smartphones

Naturally, the posts stack on top of the widgets for both views.

The posts look great on tablet view, and alright on the mobile-phone view.

Overall, the view is great for mobile when you consider the limited space.

smartphones, mobile-friendly, lovecraft

However, on the tablet view has some issues with the widgets. The thing that bothered me a little was how the images for the blogs I follow were arranged. Since I only allowed 10 to be used, this was the view:

tablets, mobile-friendly, lovecraft

But there was only a small fix I needed to make. I changed the number to 12 (a multiple of 3).

Mobile-Friendly Advice

When dealing with the screen sizes of tablets, keep in mind that the widgets will sit a certain way in order to accommodate it. Also, depending on the size and number of the images you hotlink, two may sit next to each other on a line. So make sure the images you use in text widgets have the same width and height. I did that with the images I used, with the exception of my Gravatar.


2 thoughts on “Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

  1. Excellent and informative post as usual. I love how clean & organized your blog looks. Lovecraft is a dandy template, and you’ve made it your own. It’s very easy to navigate, and with it showing well on all screens, it’s a breeze for any reader to assimilate. Whenever I post, I look at all screens right after. My heart is beating a little faster because I want the post to look great. If it doesn’t you have to scramble to make it user-friendly across all screens. Wish we didn’t have to push the button before making all the corrections, but “practice makes permanent!” What I like best about my template is that a reader can access all my posts. This higher visibility seems to help me get older posts [especially] viewed by readers that have never visited before. I find that readers [I do sometimes too] look at the most recent first, especially in a hurry. Yes, I can see where I can still make changes to my blog. Thankfully, I’m happy to keep learning as I go.

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    1. Yeah, you have to balance how you want your website to look with what you want visitors to do and what would be best for them. That is what I have done with this website.

      If you have content you want to promote, you have to find ways to make it easier for viewers to find that content. I wanted my posts page to be separate from the home page, but I have included search bars, a calendar, and dropdown menus for my archives and categories in order to make it easier for visitors to find specific posts.

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