The Trifling Post (Write Anything Wednesday)

trifling, snorlax, lazy

This post1 is brought to you2 be these three words: Somebody Else Can.3 Really, that’s what it boils down to, when you understand what a trifling person is.

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Famous Sayings: #38 — ‘No Good Deed…’

November 27, 2016

No good deed goes unpunished.

Clare Booth Luce, no good deed, no good deed goes unpunished, proverb, famous sayings
Clare Boothe Luce (R–CT). By National Archives and Records Administration [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The first time I heard of this proverb, I was watching a newscast.

One of the stories that came up that day was about a man who saved children from a burning building. I forgot the exact details, but from what I remember, the man had prior convictions or a warrant for his arrest. So, when the authorities found out who had saved the children, he was arrested.

One of the news anchors kinda chuckled after that report was given and utters, “It goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished.”

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News Roundup (Week of Nov. 20-26, 2016)

news roundup, Nov 20-26

Hello, Readers! It’s time for another news roundup.

For this week, I decided to tweak the formula a bit. Now, I will include some items about health news. Also, I was asked about adding a commentary section. I will leave details for that at the end of this post.

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Thanksgiving Musical Recital Story, Part 2 (WAW)

music recital, short story

Here is the rest of my short story. Click here to read the first part.

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Thanksgiving Musical Recital Story, Part 1 (WAW)

Instrument Petting Zoo
Photo by eddie welker via Flickr. Some rights reserved.

As promised, I wrote a short story for this Write Anything Wednesday submission. Forgive me if it sucks, but I need to get back into it if I am to get good.

This story is loosely (emphasis on loosely) based on my experiences in elementary school. I am also going off today’s one-word prompt, “Anticipation.”

This will be a two-part story. The first part is below and I will conclude the story tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

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Famous Sayings: #37 — ‘Breaking Bread’

November 20, 2016

Breaking bread together.

breaking bread, famous sayings

When I picked this topic, I was coming up with a 30-day posting schedule. I quickly picked a famous saying that somehow reminded me of Thanksgiving (which is this week in the U.S.) because a dinner was undoubtedly being reference.

What I found may come as a surprise to some, depending on one’s knowledge of religions. Others may not be surprised, but it is interesting to look into some key differences between Judaism and Christianity.

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News Roundup (Week of Nov. 13-19, 2016)

news roundup, current events

Hello, Readers! Today, I am debuting a weekly news roundup. It may or may not become a permanent feature.

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Bob’s Burgers Is One of My Favorite Shows (WAW)

Bob's Burgers, Write Anything Wednesday
I put this image together with helps from cutout downloads. Thanks, Tumblr!

Earlier this year, I finished the series of posts on Things I Don’t Like About Television. In all honesty, those posts need to be revisited, especially since so many things have changed in the past few months alone. But now, I want to talk about something I like about television: FOX’s Bob’s Burgers, which was created by Loren Bouchard and first aired in 2011.

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Famous Sayings: #36 — ‘Lucky Number 13’

November 13, 2016

Lucky Number 13

lucky number 13, number 13, thirteen, superstition, luck

Is the number 13 a lucky or unlucky number? You might be surprised to see where cultures differ.

When looking up this famous saying, I came across so much interesting information. Unfortunately, I just could not fit it all, but let this post be a fact sheet for the number 13.

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In Observance of Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day, Veterans Day 2016, observance, national holiday, United States
Silhouette created from image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr

This has been a difficult year and week to be certain. Many Americans are decrying the result of the presidential election, which is understandable. But I wanted to take the time to observe Veteran’s Day and learn more about it.

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