3 Assignments in One

For my final post corresponding to this Intermediate Customization course, I decided to combine 3 assignments.

The eighth assignment in was fairly simple. All I had to do was change the visibility of a widget on one or more of my pages. I decided to hide my Gravatar profile widget on my “About” pages.

Assignments 9 and 10 were already combined, from what I understand. Assignment 9 required me to make a draft that would be used for the final assignment, but to get ready to make a post by using HTML. And the final thing I would be asked to do is use HTML coding in order to create a chart or table.

Well, here goes …

Week Comp. Att. Comp% Pass Yds. Pass Yds./Att. Pass TD Int.
1 21 30 70.0 256 8.5 1 0
2 24 37 64.8 435 11.7 3 3
3 21 29 72.4 272 9.3 1 0

Yes, I decided to make a football passing stat sheet.

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