My Bernie Sanders Meme (WAW)

Did someone say Bernie Sanders?

Hey everyone. This will be another short Write Anything Wednesday post.

As many of my fellow American citizens know, Monday was the first presidential debate. I posted my thoughts on Tumblr, if you want to check that out.

Anyway, during the debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was photographed watching it. He tweeted it out.

Many edits ensued on Tuesday. Someone I know told me that I should make an edit, too.

I’m a little bit late, but here it is:

Bernie Sanders, General Hospital, Kiki, Morgan, television, presidential debate
This is what Bernie Sanders was really watching on the night of September 26, 2016.

Oh … and I couldn’t agree more.


One thought on “My Bernie Sanders Meme (WAW)

  1. With regard to your debate post, I agree that Trump’s nonverbals were on poor display for a person ruining for this high office. In addition. I don’t get how we can excuse him for interrupting at will others who speak? Would that go over well in negotiating as a President with ambassadors of other countries? When he criticizes Hillary for lack of stamina, the above factors in this debate show that Trump is the one who cannot stand up to the stress of performing the executive duties of this office.


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