Political Headlines that Made Me Giggle and Think This Week (WAW)

I’m running late for Write Anything Wednesday yet again, but today I would like to share some political headlines that kinda made me giggle. As I was doing extensive research for a series of posts I’m working on for another site, I came across some political headlines yesterday.

What I Found

The first headline comes from Common Dreams, which has a liberal/progressive slant, but the information is backed up by various sources. Anyway, the headline refers to the Republican Party platform:

political headlines, stuff nightmares are made of, republican platform, gop platform, common dreams

Also, they want to build that wall along the American/Mexican border.

More about that article in a minute.

The second headline comes from NBC News. When polling was done in Pennsylvania and Ohio, it was shown that the Donald had no support among “the Blacks.”

political headlines, no love from the blacks, polls, pennsylvania, ohio, trump, nbc news

In this case, it’s not just the headline that got me, but the first sentence thereafter. I read this out aloud and someone in the same room with me started laughing, which made me laugh for a good minute.

The Seriousness Behind the Political Headlines

headline aside, there is a serious message her. While the article from Common Dreams grabbed my attention with dark humor, dark is the operative word here. Take a look at the GOP platform and tell me that there aren’t parts to it that are pretty message messed up. Here’s one part in particular.

The 112 delegates voted overwhelmingly against a measure put forth by Washington D.C. delegate Rachel Hoff, the first openly gay member of the RNC platform committee, that would have acknowledged “a diversity of opinion within our party” in regards to same-sex marriage.

An amendment that sought to modify language that called for children to be raised by a married mother and father to alternately read “stable, loving home” was also rejected.

Instead, GOP committee members opted to include language, put forth by Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council, supporting so-called “conversion” or “reparative therapy,” which purports to “cure” homosexual inclinations through analysis and, frequently, prayer.

The approved platform language says parents should be allowed “to determine the proper treatment or therapy” for their children. Such a practice, the Southern Poverty Law Center said, has not only “proven to be fraudulent,” but “it can cause grave harm, up to and including suicidality. And it tears families apart.”

To say the least, this is a slap in the face to LGBT Americans, especially those who want to be Republicans.

Not only is this wrong (especially in terms of “conversion” therapy and the denial of happy homes for children based on adults’ sexual preferences), but it isn’t politically expedient.

It is one thing for people to have disagreements with a party’s economic policy. And it is quite another for voters to have disagreements with a party’s foreign and policy. But it should be an absolute turnoff and serious concern when political leaders — whether they are acting on their own beliefs or appealing to a prejudiced part of their base — to basically deny a person’s human rights.

There are things I hate about both the Republicans and Democrats’ platforms, but at least the Democrats’ platform isn’t discriminatory.

To Lighten Up the Mood Again …

I came across a Washington Post article about how Gary Trudeau “predicted” The Donald’s presidential run through his Doonsbury comics. Here is on strip that features Sarah Palin:

political headlines, doonsbury, gary trudeau, comic strip, trump, palin

This was four years ago, and Palin’s actually speech in support of Trump this year was fairly similar.

And of course, this was spoofed on SNL:


Bonus: Look at the post from Dr. Lillian Glass entitled, Bernie Sanders’ Body Language Says He Angrily and Reluctantly Endorses Hillary Clinton. That’s fairly interesting.

Well, that’s all for now. I promise to try to stick to Wednesdays for these posts from now on.

5 thoughts on “Political Headlines that Made Me Giggle and Think This Week (WAW)

  1. You wrote, “. . . this is a slap in the face to LGBT Americans, especially those who want to be Republicans.” I wonder who would want to be part of something that dislikes them so? It seems a little like identifying with one’s captor. I’m part of a group that gets bashed routinely, and I’m not lining up for hugs for those doing the bashing. Of course, those hugs aren’t being offered either! 🙂


    1. “I wonder who would want to be part of something that dislikes them so? It seems a little like identifying with one’s captor.”

      I couldn’t tell you because that’s a question I have myself. My only guess is that some gay members of the Republican Party are among people who believe that the party is about fiscal responsibility. They might also agree with other positions of the Republican Party, but the leadership is hell bent on pandering to the far-right. And this platform was written by a degenerate (Tony Perkins).

      It would go against my principles to be a part of something that had leadership that went out of its way to discriminate against me. It is like Stockholm Syndrome.

      “I’m part of a group that gets bashed routinely, and I’m not lining up for hugs for those doing the bashing.”

      Oh, why would someone want to bash you? 😮

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right?? 😊 Who would want to bash my profession? Wait don’t answer–there is not enough space here!! The term degenerate makes me smirk every time–please don’t be offended if you begin to see it in heavy roatation here!!


  2. I agree that the Republican Party is discriminatory. I gaze at the immense Trump Tower in Las Vegas and wonder about the hypocrisy of Trump’s business dealings in this city that thrives on many of the sins that this platform attacks. Maybe Vegas can reverse the tables ofthis freedom threatening demagogue and build a wall around his Trump Tower.


    1. The fact that Trump is the presumptive nominee does stink of hypocrisy, from multiple angles. There’s the angle you’ve mentioned, where greed and other vices go against “Republican values” and the platform, which mentions Internet porn as a “public menace.” Much of the leadership hates Trump’s guts, but he only used a lot of the rhetoric many other Republicans used before and beat them with it.

      In past elections they used the Southern Strategy to drum up rhetoric against blacks. They used the opposition to gay marriage in 2004 elections. They were many Republicans (including Trump) who wanted to deny President Obama’s citizenship. And we’re still dealing with anti-Muslim sentiments after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Unfortunately, it appears that the Republican platform this year has much of that mixed together, along with a stance against women in combat.


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