I Now Have 50+ Followers!

50 followers, 50, followers

I normally post these updates at the start of each month (well, since February), but I neglected to give an update for June, but it worked at all for the best. That was an up-and-down month, as some of my more recent followers left. So I went from 50 total followers, back to 49, and back to over 50 again.

In any event, I am finally glad to announce that I reached the 50-follower milestone. Of course, there are plenty of blogs out there with far more followers, but this is big for me and we all have to start somewhere.

I also need to reach out more to the blogging community here. Not only could I gain more followers and do more follower shoutouts, but I could also find more awesome blogs.

Here are my new followers:

  • Shri: She runs The Thoughts of Her, which is dedicated to her beautiful poetry. I love how Shri pairs her words with images she finds.
  • bitesizewritings: This awesome blogger is actually counted twice. Formerly the owner of SHORTINSIGHT (which I mentioned in my last follower shoutout), he made the move. His blog is now called BiteSize Writings. Apparently, I was the deciding factor in the move. We first traded messages via The Blogging Meetup and I asked bitesizewritings why he wanted to make the change.
  • raulconder001: He runs a blog by the same name and it’s a “Top notch WordPress.com Site.” His posts are very easy to read. He talks about his daily progress and includes quotes. Whenever you read his posts, make sure to leave at least one comment. You will get a nice response.
  • Heather: She runs Heather Notes, which has a mix of art, biology, and poetry. After reading the post entitled, “About Those Little Guys: Bacteria,” I released that I needed to brush up on my biology. I’m not a scientist, but biology (and specifically genetics) appeals to me more than the other sciences.
  • advocarebylori: Lori McCall is a market who runs two WordPress websites, Healthy Living and More and AdvoCare. The first blog is of a personal nature, which includes thoughts on health and life in general. The second blog is for a nutritional supplement.
  • Mugilan Raju: He runs a blog with the same name. Mugilan Raju is an Indian from Malaysia and he describes himself as. “just an ordinary guy who believes in the power of authors to transform ugly words into beautiful pages full of emotions, lessons and life.” His poems do have an off-beat beauty to them.
  • criticaldispatches: This blogger hails from the UK. Critical Dispatches, as the name implies, is a blog written by a critical — not cynical — citizen. His posts are socially conscious with a bit of humor mixed in now and then.

As always, I am grateful for anyone who finds this humble blog, and who finds it interesting enough to give me a follow. Thanks, everyone and it was a pleasure to check out your blogs.

Btw, I have now connected this blog to Twitter. If you’re already on Twitter, you can find me by this handle: @TheOtherShmaltz. I couldn’t use my full name for the handle. See, my old name came in handy after all!

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