Typing and Stuff (WAW)

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For this week’s Write Anything Wednesday, let’s talk about typing – and sentence rephrasers.

My Typing Speed

Out of boredom, I went looking for a site to test how fast I type.

I found a typing test widget via a Daily Mail article that was posted late in 2015. The widget is connected to a website started by Dutchman Juerd Waalboer. Of course, there are other sites that have typing tests, but this was the first I saw from a simple Google search.

How does the widget work? You have to type a series of 47 common words. Only the words that are spelled correctly count towards your final score.

Anyway, I took the challenge to at least see how I stacked up (against the averages of 187 characters per minute and 37 words per minute.

You want to know my score, right? SPOILER ALERT: I am not a stenographer. (I totally respect the talents of those who are. 😉 )

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