My List (Write Anything Wednesday)

For this Write Anything Wednesday, I don’t have much to say. I will just use this time to quickly address something. This is not an easy subject to address and it might be uncomfortable for those who read this, but I need to get this off my chest.

Every now and then, I am greeted with a ridiculous amount of ignorance. What’s got me pissed this time? You can’t tell from the title of this post but that issue is racism. It might just be the one thing I hate most in this world.

In particular, I was disturbed by some stupid comments I read over the weekend. They’re nothing new, but they broach an issue that constantly bubbles over for me.

I plan to address these comments in some fashion in a number of days and include more posts tied to this subject in a matter of weeks. Some research is needed in order to support my points and to get a full scope of the argument.

In my About This Blog page, I originally warned that I would occasionally swear, but I am reevaluating that policy. To be quite honest, I get so frustrated over things [connected to] the following subject matter, because they irk me on a consistent basis; I find it hard not to swear sometimes. But, I will do my best to keep it clean out of respect for my readers.

Now, in keeping up with the spirit of Write Anything Wednesday, I will at least respond to a prompt. I’ll make a list. It can be about anything, but for my purposes, these are the things I want to talk about:

  • Bill Clinton’s comments to Black Lives Matter protesters.
  • My thoughts about the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.
  • A detailed look at U.S. Crime rates.
  • An essay detailing why it is difficult to talk about racism.

Hold on to your briefs, people, because this isn’t gonna be easy to write or read. I might anger some people, but so be it. I need to be honest, but I promise to be as nuanced and as tactful as possible…but not to disrespectful people.

Post updated on December 20, 2016 @ 7:07 pm.

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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