Hey Followers! (41 and Counting)

Another 10+ followers requires me to make another post to recognize them. I had a plan to make these with each 5-10 new followers, but I got two extra in short order.

With each passing day, I have enjoyed going to WordPress. I want to read new posts, make them, and respond to anyone who takes the time to read one of my posts and leave a nice comment. And I am overjoyed to see new people find this blog and follow it.

Here are my new followers since my last such post:

  • animereporter: True to the name, the Anime Reporter website features posts on Japanese animation and manga. There is also a new, occasional focus on Western animation and a number of posts devoted to just about everything else. He followed me shortly after I made some posts on his blog! I also follow him.
  • Iona: She is the owner of Music Teacher Lifestyle, where she shares some thoughts on her experience as a Romanian composer, music teacher and generally awesome woman.
  • nostaligiclemon: She runs a blog of the same name. The New Zealander has many interests, including stand-up comedy.
  • Chape: He runs Chape Personal Trainer, and he wants to use the Internet to reach and help more people. This is a professional site, but there is a blog for users to know a little bit more about the Spanish personal trainer.
  • Linda: She runs Tales from the Cabbage Patch, which is a blog based on her own life experiences. She is the mother of three grown boys, a dog, and a few cats. I have read some of her posts and like her sense of humor.
  • Amin sda: This person runs Berbagi Ceritera, and Indonesian blog. Via Google translate, the name of the blog translates to “Share a Story.”
  • Pawful living🐾🐾doggiebloggie: As the name would suggest, Pawful living🐾🐾doggiebloggie is a huge dog lover. She started this blog to honor Marley, her yellow lab. I think the theme of the website, colors, and fonts work together to remind the user of dogs and they present a very approachable space. I visited this wonderful blog while taking part in the Commenting Bootcamp. The first post I read was “The Disagreement Talkophobia.”  I just want to know one thing, though: How does she get those symbols in her name? (I had to copy and paste.)
  • Jay E.: His blog is called Running in My Head. (He’s using the first theme I chose on WordPress.) He’s a runner, a book and coffee lover, and a social studies teacher. I can’t tell you how much I’m honored to be followed by a social studies teacher. That wasn’t my strong suit in school, but I know that he appreciated one of my posts about iconoclasm.
  • Annamia-at-50: She runs the blog by the same name. The food blog is dedicated to talking about how to cope with a Diabetes Type 2 diagnosis. Her topics will include her experiences, general thoughts, and of course, food advice and recipes. I met “Anna” a few months ago and directed her to my blog, and she quickly followed! I’m quite nervous about telling more people I know personally about this blog, but I would want to know what they think about it.
  • Ngobesing Romanus: He is responsible for Success Inspirer, a blog whose name succinctly describes what it’s about. He features poetry, quotes, and advice about how people can be their best selves. He also runs a Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum, wherein participants complete challenges to support and recognize each other’s blogs.
  • Atul Choudhary: He is an engineer from India who fancies design and illustration. He has three blog posts up as of the time of this posting, but features more of his art on his Instagram account.
  • Faizal Hashmi: Hashmi just went up and I think I remember seeing a comment from him on another blog. He’s an Internet marketer from what I gather.

Thanks again to all my new followers. Maybe I should do this every month, but I’ll need more. Let’s keep going!

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