Did You Know Easter Is on March 27 This Year?

Of course you do.

Here we are. I’m finally done with my Commenting Bootcamp assignments. For fifth and final task, I responded to a couple of comments left on another one of GeorgieMoon’s posts, “Here’s an Easter rant from me…..” The two users were foguth and syllabubsea.

To be quite honest, I had already did what was asked on Assignment 5 in the first two assignments. For Assignment 1, I responded to r_prab on Majka’s post, “COLOR YOUR WORLD – RADICAL RED.” While working on Assignment 2, I responded to a comment left by anne on a post called “Blog social” by sable. That inspired me to write that post about my Twitter woes.

All in all, it was fun and enlightening to do the Commenting Bootcamp. I’m kinda glad it was for one week, though. In a way it was harder to make comments than it was to personalize my blog. Many bloggers prefer substantive comments and I’m the same. One can’t simply jump into a conversation. We must bring something that others can respond to or think about.

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