Building My Brand (on WordPress)

For Assignment 14 in Blogging 101, we each had to work on building our brand. In order to do this, we were given three choices:

  1. Create a custom icon for our sites. This shows up on the browser tab.
  2. Create a fan page on Facebook to promote our posts.
  3. Create image widgets for a sidebar.

I went with the first option.

As I was working on working on this assignment, my first thought was to create the icon by hand. Either I would draw something traditionally or do it digitally. In any case, an idea would have to be sketched out.

The two ideas I came up with were: drawing part of my face; or using the letters in my screen name artistically. During the sketching phase, I liked how the letters looked. The self-portrait can still be used for another project.

The icon I’m currently using was made in Adobe Illustrator. Here’s a sneak peek:

building my brand

This is still a work in progress and things might be changed later.


5 thoughts on “Building My Brand (on WordPress)

  1. I admire you did your logo, I don’t even know if Adobe Ilustrator exists on my computer:) But you inspired me, I will try to do my best with own logo. I did it yesterday using a widget customized photo, but its a bit too long and I need to work in that.
    Ps. Im looking forward to read your post about product placement. I hate it too!


    1. Thanks.

      I have one of the Adobe Creative Suites, which had to be installed (and cost a pretty penny). You most likely don’t have it, but look to the Blogging 101 site or WordPress in general to find some free editing software. That might be able to help you find an image or create one for your blog.

      Btw, the post on product placement is already up. You can read it when you have the chance.


  2. owldragonash

    Nice custom Icon! @blankaleg pic monkey is free and easy though more of a photo editor it does have cool phones and you can put words anywhere on a photo or image.

    * not intended as product placement … I do not work for or gain anything from picmonaey there than my own free use.

    ** : ) I liked you product placement piece.


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