Finding Inspiration from Other Bloggers

Yesterday, my Blogging 101 “classmates” and I were asked to post on at least 4 blogs where we had never posted before. One of the posts I specifically pointed to was entitled, Who am I and why am I here? by Ameena’s Musings. I want to point out this post again today since it really stood out to me.

What Stood Out about This Post?

Ameena’s Musings writes about her experiences and will publish posts based on poetry.

The post in question features a tersa rima poem after a very thoughtful description. Not only was the poetry beautiful, but the description also contained a number of important messages in it.

For me to be truly happy, to attain the magnitude of happiness I desire – I need to learn more, develop more, have an impact in the world.

I’ve spent a whole lot of time thinking about a certain decision, doubting myself over and over – well maybe not doubting but more of fear of failure.

The bolded parts are true about me, as hard as it is to admit. The first part I’ve bolded are along my thoughts; in particular, I would like to make an impact in the world. The last part, the fear of failure, is especially true in terms of my own art.

What Did I Take from the Passage?

The whole post talked about perseverance.

It’s so easy to quit and I do it, especially when the rules are screwy, they’re secret, and there are many more people in front of me who want the same thing. We all want definitive answers and it’s hard to figure out what we need to do in order to stand out. Unfortunately, easy answers are often impossible to find.

Despite that, I have to persevere. If I really want something, I need to work to get it. Yet it’s also important for me to know what I really want, first.

How Can I Put This Message into Practice?

I have thought of a few things I should do. For starters:

  • I need a to-do list. This list shouldn’t be limited from week-to-week but contain my long-term goals.
  • I need to know what I can do in order to accomplish things on that list. This might be a topic for another post in order to keep this one relatively short.
  • I need to make a better use of my time. I now have more responsibilities, but I still need to find the time to work on my writing style and more importantly, improve as an artist. A working schedule would help and I should stick to it.
  • I’ll definitely need feedback. This is a tough one. I will have to ask for feedback, but it’s up to others to respond. From there, I have to brace myself for constructive criticism that might be hard to receive.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about points 1-2. It’s already in the works.

P.S.: I should also work more with poetry (and read more). The description in the linked post really got me interested in studying literary terms again.


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