More Personalizing

For the seventh assignment in the Blogging 101 course, I had to do at least 1 of 3 things:

  • Add a header image.
  • Add a background.
  • Try a widget if I was happy with my header/background.

It should be known that I have changed the theme for my blog since assignment 5. While customizing some more, I quickly came to love the Lovecraft theme. It is set up a certain way and there’s a right-aligned sidebar, but the design is somehow sleeker than the Baskerville theme. I love the default header, too, but plan to change it.

Now, for this assignment I decided to play with the header image and colors. The header image I have is really a sample image that came with my system. I ultimately want to go with a landscape anyway. The background color is a dark gray for the time being. Here’s a screenshot in case I change it:

lovecraft theme

I might just go back to the default until I’m ready to do even more with the theme. The idea I have for the header is to incorporate a rough sketch. This will give me a chance to use my art and it will pertain to one of my interests. The background color will of course be adjusted, too.


4 thoughts on “More Personalizing

    1. Your theme might have an option for you to choose colors. I just chose a random gray while testing this out. It would help if you know what images you want to use for the header and background. It also helps if you know some hex codes, but you can just play with the sliders.

      There’s no time limit on this, so just try some things out and go with what looks best to you.


    1. For a while, I was a bit apprehensive about trying new themes. However, the hardest part is figuring out which widgets to use and where.

      I love this theme. Not only does it have a clean look, but the layout allows me to keep a balanced set up.

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