Themes ‘n Things

If you count the original theme I used, I have looked at 11 different, free WordPress themes for my blog.

Since it wouldn’t help to give people a link every time I tried out a theme, I took a series of screenshots and placed them in an album.

  • The first theme I looked at is called Baskerville. This is the one I started out with.
  • Second theme: Revelar.
  • Third Theme: Escutcheon.
  • Fourth Theme: Twenty Sixteen.
  • Fifth Them: Orvis
  • Sixth: Canape
  • Seventh: Twenty Ten
  • Eighth: Intergalactic
  • Ninth: Cols
  • Tenth: Nucleare
  • Eleventh: Ever After

From the other ten themes I tried, I liked various features of Escutcheon, Intergalactic, Nucleare, and Ever After. However, it would take me some time to figure out how to situate the widgets I would want to show while keeping an aesthetically pleasing look with the content.

The other themes would present more of a challenge. With Revelar, I would have to use more images for blog posts and unify them. Twenty Sixteen would have to take a while for me to use if I chose it, but I didn’t like how the posts sat on the page anyway. Twenty Ten made a complete mess of my widgets, so that would have to be sorted out.

This was an interesting experiment, but I ultimately decided to stick with the Baskerville theme. I had played with it early on and I chose it because it had the type of layout with which I had felt most comfortable. I like where the content sits with respect to the widgets and the Posts page has a modern look to it.

Edit (2/14/2016): On second thought, I will eventually change this theme. After revisiting some of the other themes I tried out and more besides, I went back to this one again and accidentally came upon the sidebar. I think I like having a sidebar since it allows me to keep the most important information immediately visible on the page. I can then place only three widgets about the footer and keep that space relatively tidy.

I will have to look for more themes, but I want something similar to this one. Any new theme I consider should come with more saturated colors and a more dynamic header space. My idea design would be a cross between the Baskerville theme, Escutcheon, and Pique.

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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