What Is My Audience?

Working on Assignment 4 for Blogging 101…

Figuring Things Out

This is a pretty hard assignment because, admittedly, I never really target a specific audience when I started writing blog posts. As I said in my first assignment, I write initially for myself. Each blog I run is a diary of sorts, albeit with curated thoughts I feel relatively comfortable sharing with the public. So, as anyone could read what I wrote, anyone with an account on the sites where I posted could respond to most of my posts.

That said, it really is important to think about my audience. Since these posts are public, my content needs to appeal to those who would follow me. And I might gain more followers by appealing to specific groups.

It probably starts by thinking about the type of reader I am and what interests me. I have so many thoughts and want to write about the many things that interest me. For starters, I like to follow sports. I’m interested in politics, anime, and manga. Of course, it doesn’t end there.

I don’t want this blog to focus on one niche. I already have two that promote my DeviantArt accounts and my adventures as an artist. Still, this blog needs a specific audience and I think I know who I want to target.

On NF, there were three users [who shall remain nameless] that I wanted to impress the most. There were at least two others who have responded to my blog posts there that I respect, as well. (Btw, one of those first three users now has a blog on WordPress and I followed him here.)

Now, those users and I have something in common. I would say that we were in the same generation, give our take a few years. We may not all be “millennials,” we might not all hail from the same country, but I think we’re all part of Generation Y. That’s the group I want to target, while also attracting the tail end of Generation X and some of Generation Z. (We have officially run out of letters from English the alphabet. Will we over start or start using letters from the Greek alphabet next?)

I also work for a company that appeals to three main audiences with its blog, and I could do that to break down my audience further. In my case, three main groups would be:

  • The socially conscious: This is covered by posts dealing with [American] politics, money, and entertainment.
  • Other blog writers: Of course, I follow people on WordPress and would love to be followed by others here, too.
  • Aspiring artists: This is taken care of in two other blogs I run, but I could make some posts here in that regard. Also, posts devoted to manga and animation kind of fit here.

On top of that, I want to be authentic, so many of my thoughts are pure and honest. Yeah, I think this is a pretty solid strategy. This — and specific feedback — might help me craft posts in the future.

Bonus: Tweets That Are Germane to My Audience

I will leave you with a few Tweets I found using the keywords “millennials authenticity.” (See, I brought up the term “millennials” for a reason.)

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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