Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 7: Hanging Threads

How do I put this? This took me awhile to come up with the proper title to this post. As I took the time to add more thoughts to this, I revised the title several times. Originally, this was called “The Killing of Interesting Storylines.” That’s the gist of what I initially talked about, but I wanted to expand on those thoughts. I also wanted to have a title that was briefer — within 70 characters for those with at least some basic SEO knowledge— yet still encapsulated the ideas I wanted to express.

The Types of Hanging Threads to Which I’m Referring

Basically, I’m complaining about storylines that were either unresolved (read: dropped entirely and/or completely unfair, with respect to other characters) and those that were teased yet unrealized, and characters that were dropped entirely.

Come to think about it, the term “hanging threads” could also be used also be used to described promising or good shows that were cancelled prematurely. However, but I’ve already talked about those. Again I am referring to are certain types of storylines that have left me hanging.

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