Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 3: Clip Shows, Et Al.

I generally don’t watch most of these shows, although I will catch a few episodes from time to time. From the three genres, I generally like clip shows more, but it depends on the format. After clip shows, I can tolerate prank shows to a degree, depending on [who is doing] the acting. Fake reality shows are low on my list, so I will cover those last.

Clip Shows

Before I delve into this, I would like to be more specific about the types of clips shows I’m talking about. There are four kinds of clips shows you might see on television:

  • Viewer Contributions: These that are basically in the style of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” where people seen in home videos or personal events they taped for the shear hilarity. Since more and more video footage is being shared on the Internet, shows were created to address that, too.
  • Amateur Video: These are in the style of “When Animals Attack,” whereas those who film events that are often jarring and otherwise lack humor in and of themselves.
  • Sitcom or Drama Montages: These can occasionally be seen on serial programs as characters and actors flashback to important or favorite scenes, as well as share some behind-the-scenes and bloopers.
  • “Round Table” Discussions: These in the style of “I Love the 80s” or any show on MTV, VH1, or ESPN whereas celebrities and comedians comment on past events.

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