Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 2: Reality TV

Why do I hate reality television? Let me begin with a story.

It’s About MTV

On August 2, 1981, a glorious cable network was launched. Its first offering was “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Music Video Television featured a wide assortment of videos and awesome personalities (known as VJ’s) to introduce them. However, much of that started to come to an end the moment it introduced The Real World.

The Real World was a show created by MTV by accident. The original pitch was to create a soap opera for the network, but they couldn’t afford writers and could only afford so much to pay real actors. As the idea “evolved,” there was the agreement to find perfect strangers and let them live with each other for a short period.

I never liked The Real World, tbqh. Even years after that show was created, MTV would have awesome shows (like Liquid Television, Daria, and other things where music celebrities would pay a visit) but neglect those programs. Specifically, MTV would move Daria around the schedule while they played the shit out of Real World, especially on Fridays. And the show lives on. Now called Real World, its 31st season was set to start in 2015.

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