Things I Don’t Like About Television


Just so you know, these complaints are primarily focused on American television.

When I started this list, I honestly had no idea that it would be this long. I started working on this list in 2012, and I posted this in three LAP’s on NF. After re-reading my list of complaints, I realized they needed to be revised.

These gripes were not originally enumerated, but I tried to list them in a way that one would make a smooth transition to the next. I did not address every point about each gripe, as this list was already long enough — and I of course had to deal with the dreaded 10,000 character limit. In 2014, I took the opportunity to expand on my thoughts by breaking down each gripe within its own post. Now, I have added more categories to the list. Additionally, the old posts have been revised to reflect the passage in time.

As for the list, I rearranged the order a bit. While I originally started with “reality” programming as it is one of the things I hate most on television, I am starting with network decay now. This list might be expanded as I remember more things I want to say. I also think the technical complaints, like those about cable and satellite companies, should be pushed back to the end. The actual content should be addressed first.

Please follow the links below to view the other posts as I put them up:

I want to put these out quickly but not oversaturate them over a particular time. My current plan is to post these on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the start of the New Year. The goal is to finish these before June 2016.

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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