Things I Don’t Like About Television


Just so you know, these complaints are primarily focused on American television.

When I started this list, I honestly had no idea that it would be this long. I started working on this list in 2012, and I posted this in three LAP’s on NF. After re-reading my list of complaints, I realized they needed to be revised.

These gripes were not originally enumerated, but I tried to list them in a way that one would make a smooth transition to the next. I did not address every point about each gripe, as this list was already long enough — and I of course had to deal with the dreaded 10,000 character limit. In 2014, I took the opportunity to expand on my thoughts by breaking down each gripe within its own post. Now, I have added more categories to the list. Additionally, the old posts have been revised to reflect the passage in time.

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