Sexism in Naruto: From Kishimoto’s Lips

Before I delve in, I should note that this section was admittedly the hardest for me to do. There was a lot of material to sift through and it needed to be given proper context. Also, I had read past interviews or heard the details of them, but some of that information wasn’t readily available.

While I had already had knowledge of or read several old interviews from Kishimoto beforehand, I needed to reread these and go over some material I had not yet seen. On top of that, I needed to vet this information and only stick to confirmed sources. Unfortunately, some trolls have put out fake interviews over the years and I will of course refrain from using the information from them.

Now, on the surface, I would understand if anyone who reads or has read the information in this post will argue against the words of Kishimoto being overtly or inherently sexist. Of course, I would disagree, most notably in the case of Sakura.

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Sexism in Naruto: What Do the Characters Say?

When you have a story where men and woman work closely together, they will inevitably mention gender. It’s true in real life, so of course this will be reflected in fiction. As one can rib another and make harmless jokes based on appearances, voices, opinions, and performances, men and women will make jokes about each other. Although many comments people make about each other are mean-spirited, other statements made can be relatively harmless.

As it pertains to Naruto, I think the in-manga statements about gender are quite troublesome. While many of the quotes one can find in this group may be harmless on the surface, I feel there were clearly times when Kishimoto inserted lines and references about gender that really had no place in the story. Of course, Shikamaru is the worst offender, and I feel that most if not all of his quotes were out of place.

I have made this list of the various examples I could think of and find from various chapters. This encompasses what was said and done to put things into context. However, it should be noted that I have left out some pages where Tsunade and Chiyo were call old hags. Take a look.

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