Grammar Time!

I’m hardly a grammar nazi, but I must say that I really hate seeing a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. I make so many of them myself, and I don’t catch many of them until after I’ve posted something. There may still be some in this post. This is even after proofreading, so maybe some people can understand my frustration.

Now, on the night of September 21, 2015, I came across this article on I often read some comments from other readers roasting the writers on that site. I’ve never roasted the writers, but I once kindly pointed out some mistakes in an article.

Click on the image to see an archived page.

At the spur of the moment, I felt like correcting the errors in the article in question. Here is a composite screen capture in case the article is revised:

I’m sorry, but this pisses me off. The errors themselves don’t anger me as much as my own jealousy. I would love to get paid to write. I would love to write articles for someone, and here’s this guy — who has also insulted various NFL teams, I might add — with a plethora of errors in an article with important information for an NFL franchise on the league’s own website.

Anyway, below is my edit to the article. The paragraphs might not all be linked, but I rearranged some sentences and clauses, while removing others. I even added words where some were needed:

The Saints’  2015 season has already gotten off to a depressing  0-2 start. Now, there is now some bad news about New Orleans’ Pro-Bowl QB.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Saints believe quarterback Drew Brees has an injury to his rotator cuff. According to sources with knowledge of the injury, Brees has been complaining about weakness, pain and discomfort in his right [throwing] arm.

Brees underwent an MRI on Monday and is scheduled to undergo more tests on Tuesday and Wednesday to determine the extent of the injury. Rapoport added that his tests will be sent to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion. The belief is there isn’t much structural damage, but the Saints are waiting for Andrews to make a final call.

The news explains why some of Brees’ deep throws in a 26-19 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday looked so poor. Brees took a hit to the shoulder in the second quarter, and didn’t have the same arm strength for the rest of the game. He had no juice on his vertical throws.

Brees could potentially miss several games, according to Rapoport.

This is undeniably a dark moment for this Saints franchise. The team’s home loss to the Buccaneers was humbling, but not a fluke. Tampa looked like the tougher team up front on both sides of the ball. Their upcoming game in Carolina was shaping up as a huge early season moment for New Orleans. The Saints are staring at an 0-3 record unless backup quarterback Luke McCown can somehow improve a sputtering offense. Third round pick Garrett Grayson is not expected to be ready to play anytime soon, as Rapoport reported on NFL Network.

Brees, often a beacon of positivity even when the Saints struggle, was unusually downcast after the game. “It was as if an impostor drone had been sent to the podium as Brees’ proxy,” longtime New Orleans Picayune writer Jeff Duncan wrote about Brees.1

Saints coach Sean Payton told reporters Monday that it was too “early” to tell whether the team might consider sitting Brees down to let him heal.

Brees, Payton and the city of New Orleans have to be feeling sick. They have an offensive line that can’t open holes in the running game and that line got Brees hit often against a lackluster Tampa pass rush. The Saints’ secondary is wildly banged up, and the team doesn’t have a natural pass rusher.

The Saints are an organization centered around an offense orchestrated by Brees. They were counting on Brees to carry the team while the defense rounded into shape.

Brees has not missed a game to injury since signing with the Saints before the 2006 season. He was coming off shoulder surgery then. 2 Now 36, it’s worth wondering how this potential shoulder injury will affect Brees moving forward.

1 A [Sic] should be before “f” as long as this is the exact quote.

2 It would help the reporting if Gregg Rosenthal specifically reminded readers that Drew Brees had previously suffered from a torn labrum and damage to his rotator cuff before being signed by the Saints.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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