Sexism in Naruto

Certainly, this topic has been done to death in the Naruto fandom, but I feel I have to leave my thoughts on the subject matter here in this blog as part of a complete analysis of the manga. This is a tough issue but a real one, no matter how many people have tried to deny it or verbally attack those who even ask the question.

Many who have read Naruto agree that there are elements of sexism in Kishimoto Masashi’s writing. Whether or not that was influenced by outside factors is not the focus but how it showed up in the story is.

Now, many more will also argue that most males in Naruto were treated poorly, as well. I cannot disagree, especially when discussing the main character’s peers. However, I see a chief difference in the poor treatment of a male character as opposed to some of the poor treatment a female character received.

For these posts, I want to re-share old thoughts while adding new ones. The posts about the males will be all-new while I will take a deeper look at pairings, especially in terms of the females. I’ll admit when I post on NF and elsewhere, I do not have the guts to really broach the subject of pairings, but I’ll let it all hang out here.

Posts I plan to make on the subject:

  1. An Overview
  2. About the Males
  3. About the Females
  4. What Do the Characters Say?
  5. From Kishimoto’s Lips
  6. Weighing the Differences in Treatment
  7. It’s Not about Feminism

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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