Future Naruto Posts

Today, I want to discuss the Naruto characters I like. This will be quickly be followed by the opposite list, which I had already posted on NF.

These will be warm-ups to major re-posts I plan to put up in the future about the finished manga. In case the original posts are lost, I want to keep on online record of these and posts in other categories. Some of the Naruto topics I will cover have been done and redone ad nauseum, but bear with me. I will get to the best parts (imo) in due time.

The posts I really want to share concern (SPOILERS):

  • The overall treatment of Kishimoto’s characters (with some new thoughts and posts in their entirety).
  • The difference in plot from Part 1 to Part 2.
  • Powerscaling and its drawbacks. (Yes, other manga in the shounen genre deal with this. Still, this ties into the discussion of the overall plot.)
  • My thoughts on the Naruto fandom.
  • My thoughts on Itachi.
  • My thoughts on the Moon’s Eye Plan.
  • The problems that arose with Kaguya’s introduction. (However, I need a certain person’s permission to use the material I quoted. I really loved these posts, as well.)
  • The timeline issues. (This was especially fun for me to work on.)

All these posts will be mixed in with the other topics I plan to discuss, as not to be monotonous.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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