Arguments That Give Me Pause

Introduction: There are some things people say that give me pause.  Especially in this current geopolitical environment, there are some ultraconservatives will try and defend any viewpoint even if only to be in opposition to liberals. And there are some ultraliberals who use their bully pulpit to say the most asinine, contradictory, and destructive things.

Beyond that, there are arguments on personal matters for which I do not care because they often come from a place of ignorance and/or illustrate the speaker’s hypocrisy. In any case, I find some arguments to be absolutely demeaning, patronizing, and counterproductive. That is why I felt compelled to address various points points of view and to offer my own.

My List of Arguments to Consider

I’ll give each subject its own post, but some might require two or more, depending on how far I go with this series. Anyone who reads these posts is of course free to disagree and offer their own counterpoints in response (preferably in the comments section).

For now, I would like to set up a general format for series posts like these, and keep a list of topics I will discuss with links to them:

  1. On Opinions and Their Consequences [Part 1 & Part 2]*
  2. Houses vs. Apartments
  3. “States’ Rights!”
  4. Arguments against Homosexuals
  5. Making Polyamory Legal?
  6. Rich Arguments about Jobs and Money
  7. Patriotism and Nationalism
  8. NSA Spying
  9. The Sharing of Classified Information
  10. Religion vs. Atheism
  11. “Vote Your Conscience”
  12. About Child Support

Of course, I may revise this list to reorder the topics and add some more as I see fit.

*I think I shall leave this as two parts, due to their focus and to make them more palatable.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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