2 thoughts on “Money Rant 1: No Activity

  1. That pretty much sucks, and the way both banks and states have handled things does not bode well for anyone. This would just add to a long list of reasons why I dislike using banks in the U.S.

    On thing I’ve done for one of my accounts is to always do something with it at least every couple of months. I might, for example, deposit or transfer cash into it, or I might withdraw a small amount for the sake of say, a not too large purchase using the relevant debit card.


    1. That’s the right way to go about it, honestly. That might be all you can do anyway.

      While I can see the argument that escheat laws were primarily there to protect consumers, these are easily abused by governments. For Americans, the choices are limited because of IRS crackdowns on foreign accounts.


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